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Every surface is a unique representation of your image.

White Gloss

High contrast and vibrancy. Your photo 'pops' with this choice.

White Matte

A more neutral representation of your photo.

Brushed Metal Gloss

The natural metal shines through the lighter parts of your photo.

Brushed Metal Matte

A flatter look with the natural metal.

There are several ways for your Metal Prints to be displayed.

3M Tape Square

All Metal Prints comes with 4 double-sided 3M Tape Squares. Only for lightweight prints.

Aluminium Easel

Stand your Metal Print on a flat surface using the sleek aluminium easel.

Mounting Blocks

Comes attached and ready-to-mount. Float your Metal Print on your wall with ease.

Magnet Mount (Coming Soon)

Place this magnet block on any wall and mount your Metal Prints.

It is definitely the easiest to maintain Metal Prints, compared to other mediums.


Dry cleaning can be done with microfiber cloth. If finger print and smudges are becoming a problem, isopropyl alcohol is suggested.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Although Metal Prints are specially coated with UV protection, and is able to protect from the sun, avoid long hours of direct sunlight, it is best indoors.

No Additional Coating/Wax

The pictures are infused into the metal, and coated with a layer of protection. All Metal Prints enjoy a lifespan of at least 40 years.

Quality Guaranteed

All Metal Prints are guaranteed a year of quality check should any problem occur during the placement on wall or bad exposure.

We look through every step to make sure in getting the best results.

Shipping & Fulfilment

High quality materials are shipped from the US to us, we will then quality check on them before printing it.

Printing Mediums

All our Metal Prints are printed using Chromaluxe Aluminium, which is the market leader for the industry.

Printing Process

We use dye-sublimation process, the process is pretty simple. By heating a special dye impregnat to about 200 degrees celcius, the dyes go from a solid to a gas state and get migrated to the aluminium.

Satisfied Customer

Production time takes about 3 days, we will then send them out immediately to you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, any problems found can be resolved right away.


Metal Type:
Aluminium from USA chromaluxe
Aluminium Composite (DIBOND)

0.045" or 1.1mm

1/8 Rounded

Maximum Size Available:
45" x 90"

Exchanging your Metal Print:
We offer exchanges for damages within 3 days after you have received your prints.
If you are unsure of how your prints will look, you can order a sample pack from us before making your final order.

Production & Delivery Time:
5-7 working days excluding public and holiday eve.